High-Impact Data Analytics for Legal and Compliance


Aggregate your data in the cloud.  Build insight through custom analysis and visualization.  Partner with our data scientists for expert analysis.  Empower your team with data. 

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Win More Cases with
Legal Data Forensics

Go Beyond eDiscovery

  • Make your client’s case with data visualizations
  • Discover relevant facts in client business systems
  • Analyze volumes of documents identified by eDiscovery
  • Rapidly test theories against the full data set
  • Get assistance from our savvy data analysts
Compliance Cloud

Automated Anti-fraud/anti-kickback compliance for medical device and pharmaceutical companies

  • Take action based on up-to-date data
  • Create interactive dashboards and tables
  • Define real-time alerts for early detection
  • Deliver critical information to stakeholders
  • Advanced search and 360 degree view for HCPs, employees, payments and more
Modernize Your Legal Offering

Digital Legal Solutions

  • Enhance legal services with software
  • Transition into new digital markets
  • Win new clients with service innovation
  • Manage legal knowledge
  • Join the digital revolution
Streamline Your Regulatory Reporting

Healthcare Transparency Reporting

  • Integrate data from disparate sources
  • Clean and normalize spend data
  • Quickly identify gaps for resolution
  • Reduce errors and rework
  • State and Federal Report preparation

Powered by Sapling Data’s Loki Cloud OS

The Loki Cloud OS delivers analytics, visualizations and business applications in a fraction of the time. Move quickly from raw data to insights, to apps. The Loki platform harnesses the scalability and performance of the cloud while abstracting away the complexity – to get your solution in place quickly.

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Our collaborative approach
keeps the focus on you

Our intelligent data modeling and integration tools get you up and running quickly.  Our data scientists clean, analyze, and aggregate your data to map them into the best views and tables for your needs.  And we can train your team to build extensions, import new data, and create custom visualizations.  Our goal is to get you to value quickly, while also empowering you for long-term success.

Quick Start

Identify objectives and key milestones. Review key data sources and outcomes.

Model and Prototype

Import, clean, and map your data into the Loki platform core data tables.

Analyze and Visualize

Visualize trends, outliers, and opportunities through our library of analytics tools.

Extend and Customize

Customize with new data sources and views.  Manage access across your organization.