Powerful eDiscovery for Structured Data

End-to-end workflow support for enterprise data sets and databases.



Augment your existing eDiscovery platform

Accept data from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other corporate database systems

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Take on Big Data Legal Cases with Confidence

In matters involving big corporate and government data, document-based eDiscovery gets you only part of the way. Advanced analysis of discovered data can show the distribution of anomalies and reveal hidden patterns that indicate alternate causes of alleged violations. Reducing the scope of the violations in large corporate cases can make a difference in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Empower Your Attorneys

The complexity of business systems and increasing globalization of enterprises creates a huge data challenge for legal counsel. Litigation and fraud prevention requires the collection and analysis of vast arrays of transactional data. Sapling delivers a unique platform for working with large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data that allows attorneys to collaborate with data analysts to build arguments or identify threats.

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Use Data to Your Advantage

Sapling delivers game-changing analysis and visualizations. We help you identify specific facts and measures hidden within the raw data and present those findings in a compelling way.

  • Prepare analyses that are scientific and defensible
  • Provide insights for legal strategy, arguments and positions
  • Rapidly test theories against the full set of data
  • Identify alternative conclusions using timelines, maps and graphs
  • Reveal patterns and anomalies using advanced analysis


 Collaborate as a Legal Team

  • Diverse Skills + Shared Objective
  • See and share the progress in a transparent, collaborative work environment enabled by software.
  • Bring in outside data analysis under the direction of your legal team
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Add New Data Sources to your eDiscovery