Build Your Digital
Business Platform

Bring your team into a powerful digital environment that accelerates innovation, streamlines application building, and leverages cloud-scale big data analytics

No modern business can survive without customized software

workflow automation
software based customer interaction
software based
customer interaction
data analysis

Connect the Key Players,
Add the Key Ingredients

Have your own cloud where you bring it all together and get to work

A place where customers, suppliers and employees can connect and work together. A place where you can sell your products or services. A place where you can run your products and services. Running a business is all about connecting the pieces.

connect Players

Build Applications and Analytics

with your own rapid, low code development environment

Learn how a Digital Platform can Benefit You

Law Firms & Corporate Counsel
Law Firms & Corporate Counsel
  • Make your client's case with compelling and interactive data visualizations
  • Discover relevant facts in your client's business systems
  • Analyze massive numbers of documents identified by eDiscovery
  • Rapidly test theories against the full data set
  • Manage knowledge
  • Get assistance from our team of savvy data analysts
use data to win
Business Management
Business Management
  • Get insights from data across different systems
  • Improve process and productivity with facts from the data
  • Present your findings with compelling visualizations
  • Turn your existing data into sleek, integrated applications
  • Automate processes with applications tuned to your business
drive results
  • Launch software solutions with confidence
  • Build data into a business asset
  • Present to investors with beautiful custom visualizations
  • Turn information into new software products
get to market

Spend Less Time Coding
and More Time Building

  • Low on Code
  • Low on Configuration
  • Combine development and analysis to build data oriented applications with powerful visualizations
  • Eliminate time consuming IT administrative tasks
  • Standard services such as login and database connectivity are built in
  • Security controls are simple and manageable yet very powerful
  • No need for boilerplate code
  • No technology stack to develop and manage
  • Powerful and complete software development environment
  • Ability to go "bare metal" to low level code
Spend Less time Coding and More Time Building

Take a new approach to data

with Integrated Cloud Scale Big Data Analytics
custom apps

Build your case with insightful data presentations

custom apps

Pull in data from anywhere

custom apps

Collaborate with our team of savvy data analysts

custom apps

Unleash the awesome power of cloud computing


Test your theories with instant feedback


Dedupe, split and organize your data records

custom apps

Share data insights with anyone

custom apps

Be secure and IT department friendly

custom apps

Start quickly with lots of room to grow


Turn data into complete software applications

Collaborative Analytics

Powered by Sapling Data's Loki Cloud OS

The Loki Cloud OS delivers analytics, visualizations and business applications in a fraction of the time. Move quickly from raw data to insights, to apps. Our agile cloud technology is crafted for the fast pace of innovation.

learn about loki

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