Turn data into direction
Lead with big data analytics
"We are data people at heart. We built Sapling around our passion for data and for applying it to solve real world problems. Let us use our passion to your advantage."

Big Data Analytics Services

Build your case with insightful data presentations

Pull in data from anywhere

Collaborate with our team of savvy data analysts

Unleash the awesome power of cloud computing

Test your theories with instant feedback

Dedupe, split and organize your data records

Share data insights with anyone

Secure and IT department friendly

Get started quickly with lots of room to grow

Turn data into complete software applications

Who We Serve


  • Make your client's case with data
  • Discover relevant facts in your client's business systems
  • Analyze massive numbers of documents identified by eDiscovery
  • Incoporate open government data sets
  • Build compelling, interactive data visualizations
  • Get assistance from our team of savvy data analysts


  • Get insights from data across different systems
  • Improve process and productivity with facts from the data
  • Present your findings with beautiful visualizations
  • Turn your existing data into sleek, integrated applications


  • Launch with the confidence of knowing the data
  • Build data into a business asset
  • Present to investors with beautiful custom visualizations
  • Turn information into new software products

Data technology crafted for innovation

Sapling makes Big Data and The Cloud something you can touch, use, and build upon


Sapling provides analytic insights for the way people process information best - visually. Using our vast array of tools, we assemble your data, identify the trends and highlights, then bring the data to life with beautiful visualizations, enlightening business dashboards, and rich user interfaces.


Fast to market. Quick to adapt. Our agile cloud data platform allows us to tighen up the project timeline and keep your business steps ahead of the competition.


You bring the people, processes, and data that make your organization special. We bring them together in one place so you can analyze, learn, discover, and act.


Sapling's cloud services are fully-hosted, well-guarded, and supported by Sapling every step of the way. We've got security covered so you can focus on your business.