Legal Discovery for Structured Data

Win large corporate legal cases with accelerated analysis of structured data from client databases & business systems. Sapling’s Legal Analytic Suite brings the power of software to put your legal team in control of structured data discovery.

We used structured data analysis to argue our position and reduced the relator’s claims from $3 billion to $2 million for our client.

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Sapling’s Legal Analytics Suite

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Accelerate from Data to Argument

Sapling’s Legal Analytics Suite allows you to quickly identify specific facts and measures hidden within the raw data. These insights give you a strategic advantage over legal teams using a traditional hands-off approach to structured data.

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Assemble, organize, and discover patterns in data

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Identify threats, build arguments

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Create interactive data visualizations

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Produce documents and file compliance reports

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Join your teams and partners together in a collaborative environment that is fully accessible by outside counsel, corporate counsel, practice support, and 3rd party analysts.