Streamline Your Sunshine Act Transparency Reporting

Offload the annual regulatory reporting job and free up your team for more strategic work.  Our data experts can quickly aggregate your data, identify gaps and conflicts, and prepare your reports to keep you focused on your business.

Transparency Reporting without the Headaches

As Sunshine reporting requirements continue to change, we can keep up with the latest regulations and ensure your data is captured, cleaned, and prepared for submission with a structured, streamlined approach.


Structured project management


Integration of multiple data sources


Data validation and cleansing


Timely delivery against key milestones


Web access for key stakeholders


Collaborative compliance work environment


Fully secure, cloud-based environment


Automated report review and submission

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with our Transparency Reporting Experts

Our data was fractured and incomplete. Working with Sapling, we were able to address the gaps and inconsistencies in a fast, professional approach. Because of their expertise, we cut weeks out of our reporting effort, with only minimal involvement from our team.

Healthcare Compliance Analyst


Learn how you can implement a Data-Driven Compliance strategy

Handle any kind of data and bring it from many different systems onto a single platform. We help you cut through conventional IT boundaries to increase analytic power and deliver visibility into the facts contained in the data. Use the tools yourself or call us in for our expertise in enterprise and government data sets.  Download our White Paper that explains what Data-Driven Compliance Monitoring can mean for your organization, and the key steps you can follow to realize a proactive strategy today.

Download the Data-Driven Compliance White Paper