Sapling Data Introduces Compliance Monitoring and Alert Software for Life Sciences

Posted by on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 in Compliance

ComplianceCloudTM integrates enterprise and government data sources, automates compliance monitoring and reporting, and generates alerts for follow-up investigations


AUSTIN, Tex. (August 1, 2022) — Sapling Data, a legal analytics and technology company, introduced ComplianceCloud, an integrated compliance monitoring, reporting, and alert solution for life sciences compliance departments. Compliance Cloud equips teams with a centralized, up-to-date hub of information from internal business systems and high-priority public/government databases. With Compliance Cloud, teams can transition from chasing spreadsheets and “manualytics” to automatically receiving action-oriented business insights. The new product provides timely business controls, high visibility into relationships between HCPs and sales people, and passive scanning for regulatory risk while you sleep. With Compliance Cloud, businesses can spot and eliminate risk with fewer resources and less reliance on internal IT teams or outside consultants.


Compliance Has a Data Problem
Chief Compliance Officers in healthcare and life sciences companies oversee a broad collection of regulations and company policies aimed at preventing fraud among the medical industry’s delicate cooperation of doctors, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and product distributors. While mission critical, compliance teams are plagued with the tedious work of exporting, normalizing, and cleaning data sets using spreadsheets or other labor-intensive tools. Poor sampling methodologies compound the problem, allowing important issues to easily go undetected. These challenges waste the time of valuable team members, burden leadership with slow response times, and lock the team into a chronically reactive posture.


Modernizing the Compliance Data Warehouse
ComplianceCloud presents intuitive dashboards, a powerful search engine, and automated alerts acting on live data from systems across the enterprise. Users can easily navigate through a wide range of metrics, such as health care provider (HCP) transfers-of-value, sales/distributor expenses and commissions, event attendance, and grants. Analysts can quickly review, tag, and investigate activities at any time with live charts, filterable tables, and visual relationship maps. The HCP Search and HCP 360° View features simplify and automate physician research to track the company’s history with a physician. Without wasting time chasing data across multiple systems, the compliance team can focus on finding and preventing regulatory risk. Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, and other anti-fraud regulations depend on the compliance professional’s ability to connect and correlate activities and trends from across the business over time. ComplianceCloud brings infrastructure, automation, and visibility together in a foundation for Chief Compliance Officers to run a modern and effective program.


“Compliance leaders are seeking a repeatable, data-driven solution for control monitoring. The constant change of regulations and business operations makes monitoring a moving target. Smart automation and data-driven risk scanning provides quick access to critical information so the team can stay focused on protecting the company.”

– Richard Sayles, Head of Sales & Services @ Sapling Data


Scalable for Organizations of Any Size
Compliance Cloud is designed to start small and scale as you grow. While smaller companies may have fewer data sources, they cannot afford to spend valuable attention on automatable busy work.

Customers can choose the features and options they need to tailor the best fit for their Compliance Cloud:

  • Alerts – automatic detections of measurable risk indicators
  • Dashboards – digestible, focused perspectives to answer critical questions
  • Benchmarking – comparisons with other like companies in the industry
  • Investigations – linked information to support data gathering for complex investigations
  • Reporting – published, point-in-time reports for internal or external use
  • Custom Extensions – add new subjects or extend functionality; the platform is flexible
  • Low / High Data Volumes
  • Years of historical data.

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About Sapling Data:

Sapling Data has built cloud-based data solutions for the healthcare and legal industries for more than 9 years. Using our advanced business intelligence platform, we create targeted information consoles for the attorney or compliance professional for massive-scale data integration, exploration, and visualization at a fraction of the time and effort of traditional approaches.