The Data-Oriented Application
Development Platform

Lightweight Cloud Based Application Development
  • Build and deploy applications in your browser
  • No software installs or command line necessary
  • Supports multiple programming/scripting languages and database technologies
  • Designed for big data applications
Integrated Data Analytics
  • Analyze data and build visualizations in your browser
  • Add scripting and coding for powerful data analysis and data manipulation
  • Integrate multiple database and data technologies into one platform
  • Combine development and analysis to build data oriented applications with powerful visualizations

Code = Model = Data

Let there be no boundaries between your application and your data













Loki treats code, data models and configuration as data. Each application is packaged as a model containing data structure definitions, jobs, web services, UI, security definitions, seed data and everything needed to run and deploy the app. During the deployment and running of an application, the library and application models are combined and bound to cloud resources. These models enable the cloud OS to execute and distribute applications across the cloud. When an application starts, it boots into its models where it gets the information it needs to begin its work. The database schemas are created from the model. APIs are automatically generated from the model. UI and code is delivered from the model.

Data sets can be packaged as models as well, providing a seamless deployment of pre-packaged data into applications and different database technologies. Because of the power of Loki models, Data Sets can also contain code including functionality for defining processes and security and even a UI for use with the data. Focusing on data rather than computation allows applications built in Loki to utilize different kinds of programming languages, databases, execution environments, and deployment frameworks without becoming locked into any one technology. Loki is ideally suited for integrating data, applications and systems since it has facilities for discovering, describing, mapping and processing data.


Cloud Resource Management
  • Coordinates access from your application to resources such as web-services, data storage, databases, and user authentication systems
  • Organizes applications into environments allowing boundaries of separation and interactivity to be well defined
  • Binds an application’s abstract model to resources to be used by a specific application instance
  • Works alongside your cloud platform and automation framework for the best-of-breed in cloud orchestration
User and System Security
  • User login with pluggable integration
  • User password services such as reset password
  • API key management with support for swapping between dev, production and other tiers
  • Secure database connectivity
  • Three security rings: user, app, and system
Instant APIs
  • Automatically builds APIs from your data model
  • Easy to configure field level API security
  • Includes web service APIs as well as program language bindings
  • Automatically handles data versioning, change messaging, and localization
Universal IDs
  • Universal IDs for accessing data, code and resources
  • Uses an innovative system of Uniform Resource Names (URNs) to access all data, code and resources
  • Allows for data and application models to be merged without conflict
  • Makes deploying standardized data sets easy
Data Versioning
  • Allows past versions of data to be stored and retrieved
  • Supports native versioning features of various storage technologies
Data Access and Mapping
  • Provides data access support for file systems, sql databases, search engines, zip files and more
  • Automatic data structure mapping between multiple paradigms such as relational (sql), object oriented, JSON, XML, and CSV
  • Allows new support for data access and data mapping to be plugged in
  • Supports structured and unstructured data
  • Allows for easy swapping of underlying data store technologies
Data Change Messaging
  • Alerts applications and processes to data changes in the system
  • Messages on changes to data, code and system configuration
  • Subscription based messaging
Powerful Application Modeling
  • Applications in Loki are packaged into models
  • Packages contain data structure definitions, jobs, web services, UI, security definitions and everything needed to run and deploy the app
  • Ability to combine models of multiple applications and libraries
  • Infer data structure from different sources
  • Ability to script the creation of data and application models
Integration Services
  • Designed to connect to 3rd party systems and web services
  • Extendable, pluggable integration services such as user login
  • Connection and password management for handling calls out to external web services
  • Fully customizable APIs
Text Localization
  • Natively stores localized data
  • Automatically retrieves localizations using a user’s language
  • Reduces complex application logic for handling localization
  • Keeps the data model simple while allowing for localization
Collaborative Analytics

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With Sapling’s expert team and the power of the Loki platform you get to start ahead in the game. Watch the progress as we build your applications in the cloud using the powerful Loki development tools, or jump in and help us code if you like. Loki’s collaborative development environment makes the decision to outsource or insource a false dichotomy.

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