Turn Data Into Direction

Lead With Big Data Analytics

Everything you need to get data done

The Sapling Analytics platform brings together amazing analytics software, powerful cloud technologies and expert analylsts all in one place for your team. The platform is a collaborative environment accessible through your browser where you can explore, analyze, present and be the hero.

Everything you need to get data done

Collaborative Analytics

You + Your Team + Sapling

Work together with Sapling in a platform where you can see everything as it happens. No black-box consulting mystery. No organizational red tape. Everything under your control.

Collaborative Analytics

Brilliant Data Scientists

Because it takes the right people to solve hard problems

Bring in your team or ours. The Sapling platform gives full visibility, allowing everyone to work together. Watch the visualizations as they're built. Browse through the source code if you like. Together, we'll be one brilliant data team.


Cutting Edge Analytic Technologies

*including ones that we've never heard of

Our platform has a full programming environment that allows you to pull in technologies even if they are something Sapling has not yet seen. Try out the latest AI or use gargantuan-scale databases in the cloud. Other vendors do "supported" technologies; we do them all.


Beyond Fully Customized

A full programming environment means anything you need. From advanced interactive maps to full custom software applications, you can build it on the platform or we can build it for you.

custom apps

Build custom apps to analyze, manage and use your data

custom apps

Track approvals and review data

custom apps

Dedupe, split and organize your data records

custom apps

File compliance reports


Create an interactive data experience


Productize data into a service for your customers


Annotate data to capture meta-knowledge


Create process around your data

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