Go Beyond Discovery:
Win with Data

In matters involving big corporate and government data, e-Discovery gets you only part of the way.   Sapling helps you unlock data in enterprise systems – invoices, customer records, expenses, and so on.  Advanced analysis of these databases can reveal anomalies, relationships, timelines, and hidden patterns that indicate alternate causes of alleged violations. Reducing the scope of the violations in large corporate cases can make a difference in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

We used forensic data analysis to argue our position and reduced the relator’s claims from $3 billion to $2 million for our client.

Healthcare Attorney working with Sapling

Advanced Forensic Data Analytics

for data-intensive legal matters

The complexity of business systems and increasing globalization of enterprises creates a huge data challenge for corporate legal councils. Litigation and fraud prevention requires the collection and analysis of vast arrays of transactional data. Sapling delivers a unique platform for working with large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data that allows attorneys to collaborate with data analysts to build arguments or identify threats. Within the platform, our analysts map relationships among various systems and geographies to present a unified picture. Then working with the attorneys we create data visualizations to investigate various lines of argument or identify threats of fraud.

  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Pharmacy Billing to Government Payers
  • Prescription Claims Analysis
  • Medicare Damages and Penalty Modeling
  • Physician Payment Analysis
  • Stark Defense
  • Defending Whistleblower Investigations
  • Unfair Competition and Antitrust
  • Intellectual Property and IP litigation
  • Class Action Lawsuits
False Claims Defense

Govt Payor Billing


HCP Relationship Analysis
Sales person activity/interaction analysis

Medical Coding and Repricing Analysis

Demographic analysis, compare multiple sites, patient admit grading vs patient exit grading

Class Action Defense

Define the class, evaluate scenarios, identify behaviors of class members over time, produce…


Use Data to Your Advantage

Sapling delivers game-changing analysis and visualizations. We help you identify specific facts and measures hidden within the raw data and present those findings in a compelling way.

  • Prepare analyses that are scientific and defensible
  • Provide insights for legal strategy, arguments and positions
  • Rapidly test theories against the full set of data
  • Identify alternative conclusions using timelines, maps and graphs
  • Reveal patterns and anomalies using advanced analysis

A Platform for Legal Forensic Data Analytics

Join your teams and partners together in a collaborative environment that is fully accessible by outside council, corporate council, practice support, Sapling’s analytic team, or 3rd party analysts and powered by a vast array of cloud, database, and analytics technologies.