Modernize Your Offerings:
Digital Legal Services

The digital service revolution is disrupting law practice. Traditional law firms are being threatened as customers demand lower cost legal services and as alternative providers take up market share.  E-mail and e-discovery are no longer enough to keep up.  Sapling has been a part of this evolution and is focused on helping law firms navigate the new territory.  Let us help you join the digital transformation in law practice.

Last century’s lawyers saw legal technology as something that aided the practice of law, but this century’s emerging lawyers realize that legal technology is the practice of law.

Law Technology Today

Accelerate your practice

Sapling has years of experience working to transition law firms into new digital markets. Our unique model allows your firm to own the software and the service and use early stage prototypes to test markets and create demand.


Quick prototyping of digital services


Early sales demos to sign up new business


Phased approach to manage costs


White labeling to promote your brand


High security software for regulated industries


Integrated data analytics


Collaborative service development environment


Powerful technologies and AI at your fingertips

Big Law needs Big Data

Handle any kind of data and bring it from many different systems onto a single platform.We help attorneys cut through conventional IT boundaries to increase analytic power and deliver visibility into the facts contained in the data.We have direct experience with a variety of enterprise and government data sets.
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Collaborative Analytics

The power is in the platform

Sapling’s Loki Cloud OS unlocks legal service automation with the power of big data, AI, and lightning speed software delivery.

  • Rapid low-code software development
  • Amazing data analytics and visualizations
  • Optimized for legal documents, workflows and analysis
  • Data-oriented technology that lets you turn on a dime
  • Access to experts in data and digital services

Wield the power of loki