Compliance Cloud

Automated anti-fraud/anti-kickback compliance for medical device and pharmaceutical companies

Real-Time Monitoring with Compliance Cloud

Not quarterly, not monthly, not weekly, but continuous. Transition from responsive to proactive so that you can move with your organization, not behind it.


Customizable alerts for early detection


Integrated data analytics


Automatic data ingestion


Data validation and cleansing


Advanced search and 360° view for HCPs, employees, payments and more


Web access for your team and key stakeholders


Collaborative compliance work environment


Powerful technologies at your fingertips


Streamline Your Sunshine Act Transparency Reporting

Offload the annual regulatory reporting job and free up your team for more strategic work. The Compliance Cloud keeps your data organized and ready for reporting. Our compliance experts will prepare the reports and resolve any issues with the filing.

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Find the Sweet-Spot Between Off-the-shelf and Custom Compliance Solutions

Everything you need to get data done

The market for off-the-shelf solutions has been slow to develop as companies look for specific tools to suit their risk profiles and compliance needs. Bespoke analytics and monitoring services, meanwhile, can be pricey, a difficult pitch for a corporate function largely viewed as a cost center.

Wall Street Journal, June 2020


Learn how you can implement a Data-Driven Compliance strategy

Handle any kind of data and bring it from many different systems onto a single platform. We help you cut through conventional IT boundaries to increase analytic power and deliver visibility into the facts contained in the data. Use the tools yourself or call us in for our expertise in enterprise and government data sets.  Download our White Paper that explains what Data-Driven Compliance Monitoring can mean for your organization, and the key steps you can follow to realize a proactive strategy today.

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Collaborative Analytics


Backed By Sapling’s Powerful Cloud OS

Sapling’s Loki Cloud OS brings to your compliance cloud the power of big data, AI, and lightning speed software delivery.

  • Amazing data analytics and visualizations
  • Rapid low-code software development
  • Optimized compliance workflows and analysis
  • Data-oriented technology that lets you turn on a dime

Wield the power of loki