Collaborate.   Conceptualize.  Cloud.

An out-of-the-box, yet extensible platform backed by a proven team of data experts 

We’re in Your Corner

You + Your Team + Sapling Data = Success

We understand the pressure you’re under to deliver.  Whether you’re taking on a new case or looking for visibility into HCP relationships, you need a solid solution.  We are experts in understanding the technical challenges of merging multiple data sources,.  And, we get the business and political challenges or getting access to the data and working through potential scenarios for analysis.  Our projects start with a kickoff to fully understand your pressures, pain points, and key milestones for success.


Data is What We Do

Data Scientists at Your Service

We work with you to integrate your relevant data sources into a workable environment.  Our data modeling experts map across your data into database tables where we can easily manipulate and analyze it as needed.  We work with you to discover the most compelling ways to visualize your data.  Our experts dig deep to ensure you get to the core of the issues with your case or client.


Go Big (and Fast) in the Cloud

We Focus on the Platform so You can Focus on the Solution

Our Loki Cloud OS platform harnesses the power of the cloud without exposing any of the complexity to you.  We manage all of the cloud resources and configuration and data imports and modeling.  With Loki, you can manipulate and analyze your data using high-level scripting and interactive tools – no low-level coding required.  Our platform accelerates your ramp from startup to value.


Extend without Boundaries

Launch without being Locked-In

With your limited resources, you can’t afford to miss.  Our approach is to be with you every step of the way.  And when we’re done, we hand you the keys so you can continue to innovate.  No more fighting for over-extended IT resources or trying to justify a huge budget for a custom development.  With Loki, you can leverage the cloud, get up and running quickly, and build insights and visualizations with high-level scripts.  It’s the best of both worlds!