Careers - Analytics and Data Visualization Developer

About the Position

We are looking for a full-time software developer to build user interfaces, visualizations and data algorithms. This developer will work with our clients and our internal team to perform data analytics and write software. They will also assist in the development of our cloud based analytics platform. We are looking for someone who is creative, technical, and fun to work with. This position will be located at our offices in Austin, Texas.


  • Building interactive visualizations in javaScript using libraries such as d3
  • Building front end software applications in javaScript
  • Working with our clients on data analytics projects
  • Performing advanced analytics on client data using sql, scripting languages and other methods
  • Researching new techniques in data processing and analytics
  • Data modeling (sql and object oriented)
  • Researching open and 3rd party data sets
  • Loading data into databases from a variety of source formats
  • Writing scripts for data manipulation
  • Working in a team to improve our services and data analytics platform

Experience and Prerequisites

Qualified candidates need to posses the following:

  • Solid computer programming skills
  • Solid UI design and implementation skills
  • Experience in client side development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web services
  • Experience building visualizations and graphical UIs. Especially using javascript libraries (d3,plotly,etc)
  • Proficiency in application design and architecture
  • Advanced SQL database knowledge
  • An excellent understanding of writing and tuning SQL queries
  • Strong troubleshooting abilities
  • Proficiency using command line tools and scripting (linux shell, python, sql, R, etc)
  • Work in advanced analytics (Machine Learning, AI, etc) is a plus
  • Experience with non-relational databases is a plus
  • An understanding of cloud infrastructure is a plus
  • Demonstrated success through past projects
  • Strong curiosity and desire to learn new things
  • Ability to work well in teams
  • Excellent communication skills

How To Contact

Please send all interest and inquiries to

About the Company

Sapling turns data into beautiful visualizations and interactive applications. We work closely with our clients to explore their data, discover insights, and build powerful software solutions. At heart we are a platform company and we are continuously improving our platform to deliver power and flexibility to our clients while creating challenging but fun jobs for ourselves. Sapling is a small and growing company; we launched in 2013, are self-funded and have developed a solid foundation of clients and revenue.

Our offices are located in the North Shoal Creek neighborhood near the heart of Austin and within walking distance of many restaurants and entertainment venues.

About our Technology

Sapling Data has developed a unique cloud-based application development and data analytics platform that integrates and introspects data across multiple data sources. This platform allows developers to quickly construct secure applications using the full richness of browser and mobile platforms without limiting programmers to a paint by numbers approach. Developers working in the platform construct the user interface using html and javascript (Bootstrap, Knockout and JQuery, for example) with web service calls to the back-end. Our platform runs on Amazon AWS and utilizes linux servers (ubuntu), java/tomcat, S3, Amazon RDS, Lucene search engine, AWS Redshift and many other services and libraries. We are looking for inspired and creative new team members who can help us further innovate on this approach.

Have a life at Sapling

Go on, go home, have a life! At Sapling we believe in work-life balance. We're not the Hotel California. We don't have a chef at work that serves you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We don't have a theater or a video arcade. You don't have to bring your pet (or your kids) to work just to spend time with them. Instead we have a casual and comfortable work environment where you can focus and get things done so you can head home with a sense of accomplishment. And of course, go on, leave! Because we all deserve a life outside of work.