Big Data Analytics Services

Tackle 21st century business data challenges

Our talented team draws on a wide range of technologies and decades of diverse experience. We bring strong technical muscle as well as design, analytical, and execution smarts to your project.

"Our goal has been to rebuild, from the ground up, how we practice law and master information.  Sapling has been our irreplaceable partner and guide throughout."

Jeff Layne, Partner Norton Rose Fulbright

Get answers from your data

Sapling gathers, analyzes, and transforms mountains of raw data into meaningful, actionable information. Our engineers are practical data ninjas who bring powerful tools and deep experience to focus on your business objectives. The results are beautiful visualizations that tell a story from the data.

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Connect the data

Goodbye spreadsheets and disconnected systems!

Access and analyze data from different business systems in a common environment. When data becomes stuck in spreadsheets and separate business systems, it is disconnected. Disconnected data is difficult and time consuming to analyze. That's why connected data is the critical foundation for business intelligence. Sapling gathers your data into a single data cloud and grants the appropriate levels of access to the right people. Analysts love the capabilities, managers love the highly visible, collaborative approach. Sapling makes your job easier.

We have direct experience with a variety of enterprise and government data sets

Go beyond data

We're not your typical reporting tool. Sapling's out-of-the-box capabilities go way beyond those of traditional analytics packages. Out beyond the pretty visualizations lies the world of data management where data is turned to action. Our unique software and customization capabilities will take you there.

  • Track approvals and review data
  • Dedupe, split and organize your data records
  • File compliance reports
  • Capture and share findings
  • Build custom applications to analyze, manage and use your data
  • Transform data using powerful BI algorithms
  • Annotate data to capture meta-knowledge
  • Secure data allowing access to only those who need it
  • Create process around your data
  • Incorporate your data into day-to-day operations

Results in days, not weeks or months

We've built and tested a process to produce fast and accurate results

Is your IT department or software partner able to maintain the innovative pace you need? We are. Sapling's analysts are tooled up and ready to go. Our unique cloud analytics platform allows us to share insights with you as we work so that you can keep us focused on the answers you need rather than waiting for weeks for a report that may not be what you want.


Quick start

Bring us up to speed. Identify your data and objectives. You get direct access to the analyst who will drive you towards results.


Explore the data

Develop an understanding of the structure, key elements, and meaning within your data set. We bring in the right tools as the work progresses choosing from hundreds of technologies at our disposal. Then we identify the relevant questions and develop each step necessary to reach clear answers.



Prepare interactive charts, dashboards, or models to support the argument and demonstrate key discoveries.


Tell the story

Take your visualizations on the road. Let your stakeholders see and experience what the data says through visual information.