Legal Analytics

eDiscovery, data forensics and analytics to tell your client's story

Uncover the relevant facts and compelling narratives hiding in your client's information systems

Analysis of client data is the most undervalued and under-delivered component of eDiscovery. Too many Attorneys ignore or outsource this work, missing crucial information in the process. Knowing the story means knowing your client. Knowing your client is the best way to differentiate your practice.

"Sapling Data delivers! They design and deliver based on what we know and then we adjust as needed. This tool and the visibility it provides has become a key part of our sales pitch." - Alton Martin COO, Truesource Labs

We've built a process that will grow your practice


Case Overview

Bring us up to speed. Identify your objectives. Gather the data.


Develop Facts & Positions

Understand the data. Investigate statistical and legal concepts to see how the data can inform the argument. We give you access to our analytical app so you instantly see intermediate results and can guide the process.


Visualize the Information

Prepare interactive charts, dashboards, and models to illustrate the argument and demonstrate key data-based discoveries.



Take your visualizations with you. Show the client, show the judge, let them see and experience the facts through visual representations. You'll have access to your live, interactive visualizations anywhere you need them.