Application Development

Sapling delivers greater capability with less code

...and that makes all the difference

Shorter development time

Less code to test

Lower app complexity

Lower impact of requirements changes

Rapid prototyping for better feedback

Greater flexibility for dynamic projects

Focus on scope, dates and budgets

Tighter project timelines

Create high impact business software


Today's innovativation runs on software and data. Sapling harnesses a vast array of technologies to deliver innovation through effective, flexible software and big data analytics. With us by your side, your competitors won't be able to keep up.


Give your employees the up-to-date information they need for quick decision making. Let Sapling bring it all together with vivid dashboards, interactive charts and embedded analytics. Our passion for data plus our rapid application development expertise can get you the tools you lack. With our help you can stop running your business in the dark.


Today's world of scattered systems and changing data can keep your employees scrambling. Increasing competition in every sector rewards those who can adjust quickly to internal feedback, customer complaints, or market demand and make timely use of existing stores of information. Sapling is improving business processes. Let us help you improve yours.


How long does it take you to determine compliance in key processes? With today's complex systems and regulations, knowing where you stand can be difficult. Sapling's big data approach to compliance pulls it all together leaving no stone unturned. After you have verified compliance, let us help you maintain it with innovative software applications to support effective, measurable and compliant business processes.

"Sapling is great to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and have an amazing team."

Albert Pomales CEO of KindHealth

Our data-driven approach makes us fast

Our unique development platform takes care of the boilerplate code allowing our developers to focus on application features. Less code means less cost and a shorter project timeline.


Quick start

Bring us up to speed. Identify objectives and key milestones. Open your app for development.



Starting with the data we derive application functionality and sketch out the pages. The system creates the boilerplate services and database structures while developers focus on functionality. Now we have a roadmap, but the data remains fluid as we build out the features.


Nail the experience

Next we target your user, creating a vivid experience, an easy to use process, insightful visualizations, and everything that is needed to keep your users amazed.



With the user experience and functionality in place, we focus on the user's path through the application. We fix the glitches, polish the look, and remove hurdles.

A perspective from the founder

What makes Sapling's data-driven approach unique?

Through years of experience we have discovered that once we get the data right, every thing else falls into place. To that end, we start with a conceptual description of the application or, better yet, derive the data model automatically from data that you provide us. If you have your idea mocked up in excel, that's a perfect start. We can load the structure right into our system. If you are replacing an old system, we can bring the structure in from there. As the model is formed, our specially designed development platform builds out services, security and database structures. This gives our programmers a big head start. Within a matter of days we will have an application up and running on which we can begin the next level of refinements. We know there will always be changes so we built our platform to flex the data as new requirements are discovered. We can quickly add and remove properties, switch single-value data to multi-value, and do all sorts of data acrobatics without breaking the code. All this data agility gives our programmers time to work on the UI and functionality. That is how we deliver greater functionality in less time. Our developers love it. You'll love it. It is simply amazing to watch.

- Michael